• born January 13th, 1995 in England.

  • based in Vienna, Austria.

  • ex-singer and actress.

  • contributing writer for Joy in Truth and Array of Hope.


I am a Master's student at the University of St Andrews, focusing on Austrian history. Presentations of femininity and masculinity, constructed and projected personae, religious views, and ideas around queenship are of particular interest to me. Specifically, I enjoy researching figures such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Empress Elisabeth of Austria, Empress Zita of Austria, and Baroness Mary Vetsera. Prior to my Master's course, I trained and performed professionally as an actress in Vienna.

Undergraduate dissertation: Spiritual themes in the life of Empress Elisabeth of Austria (St Andrews, Scotland)

MLitt dissertation: Masculinity and Fatherhood in the Correspondence of Leopold and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (St Andrews, Scotland)

From September 2021: The Last Empress: The Transitions, Images and Functions of Zita of Bourbon-Parma, 1911-1922 (Central European University, Austria)

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