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Roundtable Feature: Representing Monarchy on Screen

The Royal Studies Podcast: "This episode is a roundtable hosted by Johanna Strong featuring four scholars (Elena Woodacre, Sarah Betts, Lucy Coatman and Jessica Storoschuk) discussing representations of monarchy on the small and silver screen. Topics of discussion include Netflix's The Crown and The Empress, K-Dramas on the Joseon dynasty, Marie Antoinette in Sofia Coppola's iconic film and the recent BBC series and more! Join us for this lively chat about how royal figures are represented and some of the challenges in bringing both historical and current monarchies on screen!If you are interested in this area of research, you might be interested in a call for contributors for a collection provisionally titled: "To Play the Queen: Historical Royal Women on Stage and Screen" (deadline 5 June 2023 for proposals).More information on our guests:Sarah Betts (Twitter @WromanticHistry)Lucy Coatman (Twitter @lucy_coatman and website)Jessica Storoschuk (Twitter @anhistorianblog and website)Elena Woodacre (Twitter @monarchyconf)"

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